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Pioneer ER-420 Tube Model
2-24___Full Color Service Manual
23_____Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer LX-434
3______Board Layouts
4______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer LX-550 Model HG
2-17___ Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
18_____ Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer LX-626 See SX-626

Pioneer LX-690 See SX-690

Pioneer LX-880 Model FVW
2-27____Full Color Installation, Operating, Service Manual
25______Full B&W Hookup Schematic High Resolution
26______Full B&W Good Resolution Circuit Diagrams

Pioneer SM-801 Tube Model
Pioneer SM-G204 Tube Model
Pioneer SM-G205 Tube Model
4-5_____Schematics with parts

Pioneer SR-101 Tube Model
2_______Full High Resolution Schematic With
All Part Values Shown

Pioneer SX-34 Tube Model
2_______Full High Resolution Schematic With
All Part Values Shown

Pioneer SX-110 Tube Model
2_______Full High Resolution Schematic With
All Part Values Shown

Pioneer SX-300
Pioneer Model 300
2-13_____Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
14-51____Full B&W Service Manual Both Models
28-29____Full B&W Schematics High Resolution

Pioneer SX-303
2-22_____Full B&W Service Manual
14______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer SX-408
2-3_____Full High Resolution Schematic With
All Part Values Shown

Pioneer SX-424 Models, KUW, FVZW, KCW.
2-37____Full B&W Service Manual
14______Connection Diagram High Resolution
23______Coneection Diagram Model NBW Only

Pioneer SX-434 Models, KCU, GN, FV
2-45____Full B&W Service Manual
23______Full Connection Diagram
42-45___Full B&W Schematic Diagram High Resolution
46-50___Additional Service Information

Pioneer SX-440 Models, F, W
2-22____Full Color Service Manual
23-25___Full B&W Schematic Diagrams High Resolution

Pioneer SX-450 Models, HG, S, KU, KC
2-14____Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
15_52___Full B&W Service Manual
44______B&W Schematic Small Version
53-64___Service Manual B&W Models HG, S
57______B&W Schematic Small HG Model
61______B&W Schematic Small S Model
65-66___High Resolution B&W Schematic HG Model
67-68___High Resolution B&W Schematic S Model
69-70___ High Resolution B&W Schematic KU, KC Models
72_77___Large High Resolution B&W Schematic HG Model
78-82___Alignment Blow Up & Dial Stringing

Pioneer SX-535 Models, KCU, FV, GN
2-17____Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
18-64___Low Resolution B&W Service Manual
37-38___Low Resolution B&W Schematic
See SX-450 & 550 Schematics to compare

Pioneer SX-550 Models, KU, HG, S, KC
2-56____Full Color Service Manual
38-39___B&W Schematic High Resolution
57-77___Service Manual B&W Models KU, HG, S
59-60___Schematic Model HG
69-70___Schemaitc Model S
78-79___Large Schematic B&W Model KU High Resolution
80______Schematic B&W Models KU, KC High Resolution
82-85___Very Large B&W Model HG Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer SX-620 Models, SX-620, SX-3500
2-20____Full B&W Service Manual
16______Full B&W High Resolution Schematic

Pioneer SX-626 Models, KCW, KUW, FVZW,
2-5_____Color Ad Brochure
6-20____Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
21-70___Full B&W Service Manual
39______Low Resolution B&W Connection Diagram
65______High Resolution B&W Connection Diagram
68______ High Resolution B&W Connection Diagram
Model NBW 110 vac
71-119___Full B&W Service Manual Split Pages
93-94____Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer SX-636 Models, KCU, FV, GN
2-5_____Color Ad Brochure
6-21____ Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
22-77___ Full Color Service Manual High Resolution
47-48___Full Color Schematic High Resolution
78-79___High Resolution Board Layouts
80______High Resolution B&W Schematic

Pioneer SX-650 Models, KC, KU, HG, S
2-5______Color Ad Brochure
6-14_____Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
15-95____Color Service Manual
96-138___Additional Service Manual, HG, S
100-101__Full B&W Schematic, HG
104-105__Full B&W Schematic, S
109-112__Full Color Schematic, KU, KC
113-116__Full Color Schematic, HG
Pages Even Higher Resolution:
117-137__Additional Service Manual, HG, S
121-122__Full B&W Schematic, HG
125-126__Full B&W Schematic, S
130-133__Full Color Schematic, KU, KC
134-137__Full Color Schematic, HG

Pioneer SX-680 Models, KC, S, S/G
Pioneer SX-690 Model, KU, HG, HGW4
2-28____Full B&W Service Manual
19______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution
29-42___Additional Service Manual B&W
34______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution Model KC
38______ Full B&W Schematic High Resolution Models S, S/G
43-46___Full B&W Schematic High Resolution Models HG, HGW4

Pioneer SX-700L
2-27___Full B&W Service Manual Fair Resolution
20-23__Full B&W Schematic Fair Resolution

Pioneer SX-700t
2-25____Full Service Manual & Owners Manual B&W
17-20___Full B&W High Resolution Schematics

Pioneer SX-720 Models, KU, S, KC
Pioneer SX-3600 Models, KU, S, KC
2-17____Operating Instructions and Owners Manual
18______Full High Resolution B&W Schematic
19-45___Full B&W Service Manual High Resolution
With Color Board Layouts
39______Full B&W Schematic
44-45___Additional Service Information

Pioneer SX-727 Models, KCW, FW, KUW, FVZW
2-5_____Color Ad Brochure
6-23____Operating Instructions and Owners manual
24-67___Full B&W Service Manual all Models
38______Full Connection B&W Schematic all Models
68-71___Additional Service Manual all Models
72-78___SX-727 Full Press Releases with Technical
Quality Comments

Pioneer SX-737 Models, KCU, GN, F
2-5_____Color Ad Brochure
6-66____Color Service Manual
28______Full Connection B&W Schematic all Models
67-109__B&W Service Manual all Models
75-76___B&W Schematic Split

Pioneer SX-750 Models, KC, KU, HG, S
2-75______Color Service Manual
45-46____Full B&W Schematic, KU, S
76_______Color Amendment for, KC, KU
77-80____Full Color Schematic, KC, KU
Pages Even Higher Resolution:
81-153___Color Service Manual
124-125__Full B&W Schematic, KC, KU
154-169__Additional Service Manual, HG, S
158-159__Full B&W Schematic, HG
163-164__Full B&W Schematic, S

Pioneer SX-770 Models, KCW, FVZW, NBW,
2-28____Full Color Installation, Service, Operation Manual
29______Full B&W Hookup Schematic Models KCW, FVZW
30______Full B&W Hookup Schematic Model NBW
31______Full B&W Hookup Schematic Models KCLW, FVW
32-36___All Schematics B&W High Resolution

Pioneer SX-780 Models, KU, KC, S, S/G
Pioneer SX-790 Models, KU, KC, S, S/G
2-17____Operating Instructions & Owners Manual
18-59___Full High Resolution Service Manual B&W
43-46___High Resolution B&W Schematic
60-62___ High Resolution B&W Schematic

Pioneer SX-800 Tube Model
2-26____Full B&W Service Manual High Resolution
4_______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer SX-820 Models, KU, KC, S S/G
Pioneer SX-3700 Models, KU, KC, S S/G
2-16____Operating Instructions & Owners Manual
17-56___Full B&W Service Manual
37-40___Full B&W Schematic
55______Additional Service Information KU Model
57-96___High Resolution Full Service Manual
77-80___Full B&W Schematic High Resolution
81-85___Full Color PC Board Layouts

Pioneer SX-828 Models, FUW, FVZW, FW, KCW
2-7____Color Ad Brochure
8-22___Color Owners Manual & Operating Instructions
23-75__Full High Resolution B&W Service Manual
76-80__High Resolution Schematics B&W

Pioneer SX-838 Models, KCU, F, GN
2-5_____Color Ad Brochure
6-75____Color Service Manual
20______Full B&W Schematic 220vac
29______Full B&W Schematic 120vac
76-149__B&W Service Manual
103_____Full B&W High Res. Schematic

Pioneer SX-850 Models, KC, KU, HG, S
2-7_____Color Ad Brochure
8-23____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
24-52___Full Color Service Manual, KCU
38______Full B&W Schematic
49______Full Color Schematic Models, KC, KU
50______Full Color Schematic Model, HG
51______Full Color Schematic Model, S
53-84___Full B&W Service Manual, KCU
68______Full B&W Schematic
81______Full B&W Schematic, KC, KU
82______Full B&W Schematic, HG
83______Full B&W Schematic, S
85-151__Full B&W Service Manual
88______B&W Schematic, HG
91______B&W Schematic, S
122_____Full B&W Schematic Main
152_____B&W Service Manual, HG, S
157_____B&W Schematic, KC, KU
159-160__B&W Schematic, HG
161-164__B&W Schematic, S
165-167__All Transistors Used Data Information

Pioneer SX-880 Models, KU, KC, S, S/G
2-37____Full High Resolution Service Manual
23-25___High Resolution B&W Schematic
38-41___Additional Service Information For
SX-880 and SX-890
42-45___Schematic B&W Models S, S/G Only
47-49___Tuning Information
50______Full Single Page High Resolution Schematic
51-57___Tuning With Color Pictures Of Points

Pioneer SX-890 Models, HG, HGW
2-4_____High Resolution Individual Page Schematic
5_______High Resolution Single Page Schematic
See Page 38-41 of SX-880 Additional Info

Pioneer SX-939 Models, F, FP, GN, KCU
2-21____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
22-96___Full Good Resolution Service Manual
44______Full B&W 120 vac Schematic Good Resolution
87______Full B&W 220 vac Schematic Good Resolution
94-96___Full Tuning in German (Deutsche)

Pioneer SX-950 Models, KCU
2-7_____Color Ad Brochure
8-27____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
28-100__Full Service Manual Some Color, KCU
29______Full B&W Schematic, KCU
65______Full B&W Schematic
101-170__Full B&W Service Manual
137______Full B&W Schematic High Resolution

Pioneer SX-980 Models, KC, HG, S, G
2-21_____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
22-81____Full B&W Service Manual
82_______Additional Service Manual KC, HG, S/G
110-113__Full Color Schematic

Pioneer SX-990 Model, FVW
2-30_____Full Color Service Manual
& Full Color Owners Manual
31-40____Full High Resolution Schematics Hookup

Pioneer SX-1000TD
2-26_____Full Color Service Manual
& Full Color Owners Manual
25_______Full High Resolution Schematic Hookup

Pioneer SX-1000TW Models, FW, F
2-26_____Full Color Service Manual
& Full Color Owners Manual
23_______Full High Resolution Schematic Hookup

Pioneer SX-1010 Models, KCU, F, GN
2-22_____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
23-97____Full B&W Service Manual
45_______Full B&W Schematic
92_______Full B&W Schematic 220vac models
98-169___Hi Resolution B&W Full Service Manual
168-169__Full Hi Resolution B&W Schematic

Pioneer SX-1050 Models, KCU, S
2-7______Color Brochure
8-29_____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
SX-5580 is Same as SX-1050
30-117___Full Color Service Manual
76_______Full High Resolution Schematic
118-119__Additional Information for S Model

Pioneer SX-1080 Models, HG, S, S/G, KC
2-66_____Bull B&W Service Manual
35_______Full B&W Schematic
67-98____Additional Service Manual B&W
HG, S, S/G, KC
71-72____Full B&W Schematic HG Model
92-93____Full B&W Schematic S Model
99_______Additional Information KC, KU Models

Pioneer SX-1250 Models, KC, KU, HG, S
2-7_____Color Brochure
8-29____Owners Manual & Operation Manual KC, KU
30-31___Block Diagram
32-33___Full B&W Schematic High Resolution
36-37___ Full B&W Schematic High Resolution S Model
38-39___ Full B&W Schematic High Resolution HG Model
40-133__Full Color Service Manual
80______Full B&W Schematic
124-133_Supplements for HG, S Models
126_____Full B&W Schematic HG Model
127_____Full B&W Schematic S Model
134-137_Full B&W Schematic 4 Part KC, KU Models
138-141_Full B&W Schematic 4 Part HG Model
142-145_ Full B&W Schematic 4 Part S Model

Pioneer SX-1280 All Models
2-91____Full Color Service Manual
45-46___Full B&W Schematic Hi Resolution
83-91___Additional Service Manual Models S, S/G
87-88___Full B&W Schematic S, S/G
92-99___Additional Service Manual B&W S, S/G
96______Full B&W Schematic S, S/G
100-136_B&W Service Manual Page 41 on B&W
102_____Full B&W Schematic Darker

Pioneer SX-1500T Model &
Pioneer SX-1500TF
2-26_____Full Color Service Manual
& Full Color Owners Manual
21-25____Full B&W High Resolution Schematics

Pioneer SX-1500TD Model, FW
2-31_____Full Color Service Manual
& Full Color Owners Manual
32-41____Full B&W High Resolution Schematics

Pioneer SX-1980 Models, HG, S, S/G
2-13____Color Brochure
14-24___Owners Manual & Operation Manual
25______Full High Resolution Color Schematic
26-126__Full Color Service Manual
77-78___Full B&W Schematic
127-147_Additional Service Manual for KC, HG, S, S/G Models
131-132_Full B&W Schematic HG Model
140-141_Full B&W Schematic S, S/G Models
144_____Supplement KC Model KC Model
145-146_Service Bulletin all Models

Pioneer SX-2500
2_______Full B&W Hookup Schematic Fair Resolution
3-8_____Full B&W Board Schematics Fair Resolution

Pioneer SX-3000 All Models
2-17____ Owners Manual & Operation Manual

Pioneer SX-3400 Models, KU, KC, S
2-26____Full Service Manual
18-20___Full Color Schematic High Resolution
27-34___Additional Service Information
29-30___Full B&W Schematic Model S High Resolution

Pioneer SX-3800 Models, KC, KU, S, S/G
2-47____Full Service Manual
19-24___Full Color High Resolution Board Layouts
25-28___Full B&W Schematic High Resolution
48-54___Additional Service Information
50-53___ Full B&W Schematic Models S, S/G High Resolution

Pioneer SX-3900 Models, KU, S/G
2-21____ Owners Manual & Operation Manual
22-52___Full Service Manual
36-37___Full B&W High Resolution Schematic
48-52___Additional Service Information
51-52___ Full B&W Schematic Model S/G High Resolution

Pioneer SX-D5000 Models, KU, S/G, KC, HG
2-53____Full Service Manual
36-38___Full Color Schematic Tuner Section High Resolution
44-47___Full Color Schematic Audio Section High Resolution
54-65___Additional Service Information HG Model
59-61___ Full B&W Schematic Tuner Section High Resolution HG
62-65___ Full B&W Schematic Audio Section High Resolution HG

Pioneer SX-5580 & SX-1050 All Models
2-23____ Owners Manual & Operation Manual

Pioneer SX-5590 & SX-1250 All Models
2-21___ Owners Manual & Operation Manual

Pioneer SX-D7000 Models, KU, S/G
2-21____Owners Manual & Operation Manual
22-_____Full Service B&W Manual
49-51___ Full B&W Schematic Tuner Section High Resolution
57-60___ Full B&W Schematic Audio Section High Resolution

Pioneer SX-7730
2-15____Owners Manual B&W Missing Cover Page Fair Resolution

Pioneer SX-9000 Model FW
2-35____Full B&W Service Manual High Resolution
36______Full B&W Schematic Hookup High Resolution 1
37-41___Full B&W Board Schematics High Resolution 1
42______Full B&W Schematic Hookup High Resolution 2
43-47___ Full B&W Board Schematics High Resolution 2

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Pioneer Collectible Stereo Service manuals of the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's over

3,775 pages of technical information!

Worldwide Technical Information of all 120 vac and 220 vac models!

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pioneer stereo 1
pioneer stereo parts
full pioneer stereo schematic
pioneer stereo right view
inside pioneer stereo
pioneer additional service manual
pioneer stereo features
front view pioneer stereo
pioneer stereo waveforms
left pioneer stereo manual schematic
right pioneer manual schematic diagram
pioneer stereo color front view
pioneer stereo owners manual
left front pioneer stereo
pioneer home stereo board layout left view
pioneer home stereo board