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Welcome-Webmasters & Website Owners As Nucow Affiliates

NOW YOU CAN EARN MONEY JUST BY SENDING VISITORS TO OUR WEBSITE____First: Create an affiliate account (takes less than a minute)__ Copy and place one, or more, of our links (many to choose from) anywhere on your website__THAT'S IT__now Log In, any time, at the bottom of home page (Affiliates), to see sales commissions due.

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How does it work?

We offer the highest-paying affiliate antique radio and flawless gemstone program on the web! Sell something unique and hard to find, not the same cheap Chinese or scam junk, sold everywhere !!!

Joining is free. Once you become an affiliate partner, you simply place the links to on your site. Every time one of your site visitors clicks through to our site from yours and makes a purchase, you earn a commission from us. We take care of the entire shopping experience from merchandising to customer service and fulfillment. You reap the benefits of e-commerce without any of the hassle!

It's easy to get started!
Just fill in the information!  We'll assign you automatically, an unique affiliate id, which is on all our provided links.

You decide what links work best for you and where they should be placed. Any way you place your links, you'll benefit from the values on our site. Our unique merchandise and our established website, plus the great shopping experience, all have made us a leader in the online antique radio and flawless gemstone market.


To sign up, input (you pick) a user name and password. Next input your PayPal email address (so we can send payment to you). Next put in your first name and last name along with the home page URL of your website. Click on [ Register ] button. Now click on the (Log In) at upper right of page.

You are now on page that says Sign In.....put in username, password (same as when you signed up) then click on the [Sign In] button. Then click on (Continue to My Account). Then click on (Link to Us).

You can also login anytime 24/7 and go to this page, to see referrals and amount owed, from any sales (Earnings/Statistics). You can also, update your profile, anytime on (My Profile).

(Clicking on the little house in upper left, takes you to back to this main Affiliate page, also note Log In, at upper right, to use anytime 24/7)

You can go to bottom of home page, anytime 24/7 and just log In,  to quickly visit, your Affiliate account!

After Clicking on (Link to Us) Wait for link page to fully load, then select which one(s), copy and paste to your website, somewhere after the (body) tag, in your (html), anywhere on the page(s), you want to put it.

Do put one on, a common visited page (most webmasters put on home page), of your website, so most visitors can click on it. Also good, to put a text type link(s), in some of your writing copy, for visitors to also click on.

That's It!



Our unique merchandise, does not compete, with most other websites inventory. Plus 90 day visitor cookie, that pays for any of your returning visitors sales, to us for 3 months! In other words, they do not have to purchase, on only the first visit and you still get paid for 3 months!

We also will BACKLINK, to your website and also sign up for your affiliate program, at zero cost to you! (if you have one direct (in house), not a go between, like Clickbunk). This will give you, more visitors to your site, from our quality site, plus we always backlink, for your SEO, also for free.

You must email us and request a backlink on our PR3 ranked backlink page Resources Of Other Great Websites. This alone will increase your ranking, with all the search engines, for FREE (google's new panda and penguin) even if, all of your referrals, purchase zero, from !!!!! It is really hard to find a link page (Do Follow and Permanent Backlink to Your Site) like ours with a PR3 !!! We check every month, to see our backlink(s) are maintained, on your site. Your backlink to us must be on a current webpage not some old SQL data file (like older blog file) so we and the search engines can find it. Any questions? Just click on email us.

Also +1 us on our new google button at the bottom of and we will plus one yours. Also requires email to tell us and get your site address when you do!

Looking forward to years of cooperative, truly free, affiliate, link, advertising/profit with you.

Since, we ship worldwide, most any site welcome.

( No spam or porno sites! We hate spam and you get none from us! )

For your website page(s) we have about 70 free text links and animations to choose from.


What are affiliate programs?
It's for websites/public blogs not individuals!

Affiliate marketing is where most websites not individuals get some free revenue.

When you go to a site that has Ads on it. (Epay, Amazoo etc. types) They are (pay per click) Ads provided by the Epay and Amazoo affiliate programs.

Most webmasters call them Clone Sites!

Amazoo wants other sites to send them business and pay a commission to do so. There commissions are quite low and do not pay, at all, until you reach $50. So pay per click, at say .02 cents, means you have to send 2,500 visitors to get $50. Now, you must have a ton of traffic, to your site, to make dribble money. A Sucker program that does not pay?Absolutely!

This does you no good, if you have few visitors to your site since, there will be no clicks, from your site to say Amazoo, Epay, etc.! Hence no sales, referred by you to them, only a few free clicks (never reaches even $50). You help there google/bing first page rankings for free with your website!

You can sign up to the nucow affiliate program, without going through an affiliate directory (which charges a commission, to you, on any sales and you do not get a quality site backlink) by simply going to and clicking on, the running red square when it stops. Or by going to bottom of the home page and clicking on Affiliates.

No, you will not get a backlink, by just filling out the simple Login information form above.
Your current Login information does not get indexed by the search engines. It is in one of our secured server
SQL databases. We must create a (do follow) backlink to your site, before the search engines, will see you and
help your PR indexing etc. We check back frequently to see ours and your links are maintained correctly for
there indexing bots. If our link is not there, yours also will be automatically deleted, along with your login information.

Nucow, pays 10 percent of gross sale but, zero on just a click. If you only send ONE customer and they purchase, you get around $150 (depending on the item purchased of course) with most of our items being now sold to, high end, quality minded, customers)

We want to pay you (even $1,000 a day) and fast.

You will send us more quality buying customers.

It's that simple!

You can add all kinds of affiliate Ads on your website.  Watch out, most others load really slow or badly and make your site load, like Epay with it's own affiliate, put in on top, Vista Print Banner, slow loading Ads!  Do you like waiting for an Epay page to load slowly?

free affiliate programWait and wait and wait.

How do you like waiting for a YouTube video to load? About the same, as your website visitors will and just click off !!

Notice: most pages and links, load like lightning, plus are SEO friendly.....We practice what we preach.

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