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Currently Available Sale Radio Sale Vintage Radios Antique Collectible Radios Bakelite Listed Below

Free Crosley schematic for models E-15BE, E-15CE, E-15SL, E-15TN, E-15WE, E-20GN, E-20MN, E-20TN, Ch15-20E,with owners manual. By Clicking on Here

Crosley Radio 1953 Vintage Radio Sale Model E15BE

Ultra Dashboard AM Band Great Radio Clubs Sale Radio Prize

The blue luster is stunning along with excellent chrome and gold trim. Truly in like new condition. This deco radio model is the famous Crosley Radio Company 1953, all bakelite and brass, dashboard styled, collectible radio. Forever a radio collections dream vintage radio. Complete with full schematic diagram and service information. Also, includes original external phonograph input, in rear. Outside dimensions are D7" X H7.75" X W12.5" plus a five miniature tube compliment restored to like new. A bargain in this condition. {Only $2,460 USD with Fed Ex Air Included}

Sorry Sold shipped to Bangkok Thailand September 2014

Free Coke 5A410,5A410A,5A430,5A430A Coke cooler radio and majestic radio & television corp schematic with service manual. By Clicking on Here


Coca Cola 1949 Model 5A410A Complete Package Deal

Glass AM Slide Dial

This is the true, original bakelite radio "Coke Cooler Radio" vintage radio antique, not a China fake or reproduction. There have been many fakes of this radio made. If it has a cassette, it is NOT an original, also it must have the correct, 5A410A model number. This radio is a 5 octal tube line up chassis, made in 1948, Under collectible radios contract from Coke by Majestic Radio Corp a Crosley Radio Corp 56TD based design like the Addison 21 chassis, then sold as a point of sale advertisement, to Coke dealers in 1949 for display. This one, totally restored, antique radio is like new and really nice, plus for this price, comes the dated 1925 Coke bottle opener , the Coca Cola Dice, along with the Pepsi Dice, both made in early 50's, also in mint condition. These are all included as items E050910 & E050911. Unit comes with full schematic with outside dimensions of D8.25"X H9.75" X W12". {Only $2,940 USD with Fed Ex Air}

This includes Coca Cola (1949) Model 5A410A Radio, Coca Cola (1950) Dice Pair, Pepsi (1952) Dice Pair & Coke (Dated 1925) Bottle Opener

Yes! All four Items for one great Price!

This package deal includes the original Coca Cola vintage antique radio, item E050910 above left, along with these items, E050911 really cool dice, both coke & pepsi, plus antique opener. The dice have no visible wear. The bottle opener was made in 1925 and, of course extremely rare, still in great working condition. You get a complete collection with one purchase. {Only $2,940 USD with Fed Ex Air}

Sorry Sold shipped to California USA June 2016

Free Belmont radio corp 6D121 or 6D-121 schematic with service manual. By Clicking on Here

Belmont 1946 Model 6D121

Special Vintage Radio Antique Push Button AM Band Tuner Bakelite Antique Radio Collection Radio Clubs Must Have

This sale radio has a truly unique push button tune mech which is very rare for table deco radios. It is of course all real bakelite and a real knock out to behold. Comes with full schematic and other service information along with a 6 octal tube line up. Set it to your local stations with instant tuning. You will never find a Belmont two tone in this condition. Outside dimensions D6.5" X H7.5" X W13" {Now Only $2,520 USD with Fed Ex Air included}


Sorry Radio has been Sold Shipped to Georgia USA June of 2012


Telefunken 1956 Model Gavotte 7

AM-FM-SW-Phono-Special Bands

This radio was made in West Germany and imported as a USA (matches our AC power) model only by American Elite,Inc. 7 Park Ave. NY,NY in 1956. It has the large "Electronic Tuning Eye" which expands to maximum when tuned on a station. In collectible radios this is way past cool. The radio has two ribbon tweeters and a sub woofer along with an eight miniature tube line up. It comes with full schematic along with all tune up procedures in an original Sam's Photo fact PLUS (It even has original schematic in pouch that came with radio). Both bass and treble adjustments included with outside case real wood. Restored to like new both inside and out. This unit can only be described as beautiful. Outside dimensions are D7.5" X H13.75" X W19" {Only $2,380 USD with Fed Ex Air included}

Sorry Radio has been Sold Shipped to California USA January of 2012


Free Crosley schematic for models 11-100U, 11-101U, 11-102U, 11-103U, 11-104U, 11-105U with owners/service manual. By Clicking on Here

Crosley 1951 Model 11-105U

Bulls Eye AM Dial Very Rare Radio Sale

This is not only the famous Crosley "Bulls Eye" Radio it is also the extremely rare Chartreuse "South Beach" Model. This unit defines the Florida South Beach Miami area with it's tropical "Celery" color. Radio is a real bakelite radio, 5 miniature tube and comes with full schematic plus other service information. Of course this "Bulls Eye" both runs and looks great. Outside dimensions are D6.5"X H6" X W10" {Only $2,455 USD with Fed Ex Air Included}

Sorry Radio Sold February 2014 Shipped to Rhode Island, USA


Admiral 1944 Model 28-G5

Continental Radio & Television Corporation

AM Band AC/DC Portable

This vintage radio has many unique features, for one, the antenna is built into the door flap. It has a top brass vent plus front AC/DC switch and AC cord wound up inside. This radio was really for emergency use only and has on its marbled housing, some heat warping, from being left on to long, but so rare, likely only one remaining, in the world and certainly in this condition. Runs great looks good, for very small 5 miniature tube radio, plus comes with full schematic and other service information. Outside dimensions are D4" X H9" X W4.5" {Only $1,588 USD with Fed Ex Air Included}

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