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Click on the below image and see a full
19 minute video on how to restore a GE 67 vintage early 50's radio.
Start to finish and learn how its done.

Click on to see latest restoration going on Go to see zenith radio full restoration 35 minute video

Click on the above image and see a full
35 minute video on how to restore an antique Zenith 6D525 radio.
Start to finish and learn how its done.

Click on the below image and see a 45 minute video, full restoration,
on a 1929, Cradle antique telephone, made in Paris.
Learn what it takes to do one correctly.

1929 Paris Telephone Image

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Astatic Powered D104 Schematic Diagram, Fix it Yourself/Brochure

Click On Below Image and go to 120,000 Truly Free Antique Tube Radio Schematic Diagrams. This also includes free tube car radio schematics and tube phonograph, tube turntable, tube record player schematic diagrams. From 1918 to 1975 not only tube but also transistor radio schematics and transistor hand held radios. All the vintage transistor radio schematics. It also includes 20,000 dial cord stringing diagrams. 1768 pages of tube base diagrams and there technical requirements along with substitutes..YOU CAN EVEN TAKE A FULL COURSE ON TUBE RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR. All Provided Truly Free With No Login By Nucow.Com

120,000 Free Antique Tube Radio Television Transistor Schemaitcs

Cheap Variac Control, Do it Yourself Triac Free Design, for Antique Radio Turn On Without Using The Switch.
Also Solder Iron heat control, only Cost $25 USD to build it yourself etc.


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Having seen several astronauts, bring multiple gyroscopes and do many tests in space and none have resulted in any directional thrust, really doubt any gyro mechanism shall generate any thrust. But in science one must always keep an open mind.

In a current movie, one goes back or forward 5 minutes and you are in the same place. Actually, if one went back or forward, for only a few seconds, you would find yourself in space and if too short a time, underground or underwater.

Since the Earth is revolving around the sun, at great speed, by changing your physical time, say 5 minutes, you would no longer be on the Earth ( It has moved and you are now 5 minutes ago where it was or where it will be).

Also the solar system is revolving around the Milky Way black hole and even the galaxy is moving thru space at great speeds. We are all moving with the Earth, at great speed, right now, in its time length.

You see, one can travel through space, by changing ones time, regardless of distance. Instead of changing distance with thrust, change time to travel a distance hence, also anti-gravity. Note: this is why speed is always reference to time (Earth time) i.e. miles per hour or light years etc............ Lance 1/29/2016

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