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loose gemstones for sale natural gemstones


  • Jewels Sized "Calibrated" In "mm"

  • Fully Faceted Gemstones & Hand Polished

  • Natural Gemstones-Not Synthetic

flawless gemstones natural gemstones
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natural gemstones for sale
Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index



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Be sure to check with "mm" ruler to compare for actual sizes. All Gemstone Flash Videos are "Magnified" so you can see "Gems Close up" not for actual size comparisons. Perfect for semimounts! For (flawless) great prices-Shipping with Insurance included (no hidden costs)no hidden costs
  1. African Amethyst {February Birthstone}
  2. African Amethyst Continued {February Birthstone}
  3. Ametrine{Rare Self Powering Stone}
  4. African Aquamarine {March Birthstone}
  5. White Beryl {This & Diamond April Birthstones}
  6. Madeira Citrine {All November Birthstone}
  7. Madeira Citrine Continued {All November Birthstone}
  8. Columbian Emerald {May Birthstone}
  9. Garnet {January Birthstone}
  10. Mexican Fire Opal {October Birthstone}
  11. Burma Ruby Peridot {July Birthstone} & {August Birthstone}
  12. (Special Items) {Real Meteorite-Riddled Amber-Raw Emeralds}
  13. Kanchnaburi Blue Sapphire {September Birthstone}
  14. White Zircon Sapphire {Zircon is Nov22-Dec21 Birthstone}
  15. Topaz London Blue-Aqua Blue-Swiss Blue-Portuguese Cut Deep Blue
  16. {Topaz all December Birthstone}{Pearl is June Birthstone}
Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index
Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index
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Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index

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Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index Rare Gemstones Online
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Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index
Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index
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Flawless faceted gemstones catalog index

Our Android Application for Gemstones

Want to buy loose, faceted, precious, gemstones safely online. You can right now buy, the visible quality gems, from, which sells, only the highest quality, flawless, loose gems. Pick from the best, precious, gemstones, money can buy, from the private, Von Venner 1960's jewel collection.

Do keep in mind that, since it is not possible, to grade mounted stones accurately, we recommend that fine stones weighing (one half a carat) or more, be purchased before mounted in any setting.

Removed from the setting and then remounted, to make them totally visible to the customer, is necessary, before any purchase by anyone and is highly recommended by us and at all honest jewelers.

It is extremely difficult to know, for sure, what the true quality is, since chips, cracks, etc. and much more, can be concealed by a setting and its mounting cups.

We only Sell genuine, natural stones, never synthetic, fully visible,

non mounted stones

that are natural, not synthetic, plus fully visible to our customers and never mounted in any setting.

It is easy, fashionable and economical to get already sized, totally visible, faceted stones, like ours, mounted easily at one of your local jeweler. When you have your own stone(s), your local jeweler, where you select the mounting styles you like, gives you custom jewelry at greatly reduced prices from nucow your loose gemstone website.

We only sell visibly strong, natural stones, which are vintage (over 50 years old) that protect your investment as the correct mho’s value, for great hardness, on all settings.

Certain gems are more brittle than others may break or chip more easily. These stones include synthetic opal and synthetic zircon including increasing popular gems like, iolite and tanzanite, none of which we sell.

This does not mean you should avoid buying them, but it does mean you should give thought to how they will be worn and how they will be set. Rings and bracelets are particularly vulnerable, since they are more susceptible to blow or knocks; brooches, pendants and earrings are less vulnerable.

You are actually purchasing the stone(s) visible in the flash videos, we do not send customers other stone(s) while showing the readily visible, since magnified, high quality, that our stones profess.

At you can actually, see your real purchase, magnified to show great quality of all facets, not an imitation. The flash video gives you time, to look at it and choose, from a real selection, of what you really want, plus ability to consider size & setting before purchase. is the best loose gemstone website

Remember, most of our items are one of a kind, hence first buyer receives products, as shown on this website. We are constantly updating website, but if item you have selected is already sold, we will notify you by email promptly.

We provide loose faceted gemstones considered faceted gems. You can buy gems that are jewelry making gemstones for sale. Ours are always genuine flawless gemstones. We offer rare gems and even some uncut gemstones. Yes even loose gems all considered wholesale gemstones. We offer only natural gemstones.