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Antique Tube Radios True Value And Electro Magnetic Pulse-EMP-Facts

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An Antiques True Value Always Depends ON Current Condition

Make Them Really Nu Excels in providing customer authentic antique tube radios and vintage products, (never replicas) that are extremely hard, but more likely, in this top collector condition, impossible to find. All of these unique items have been completely cleaned, hand polished, hand painted, oven baked multi-coated with true, lasting quality. Each item has been completely renewed to Museum Quality both inside and out to Nu condition. In this top collectible form, the typical item listed took over 1 year of restoration work. Check out the photos to find this fact obvious.

Own Something That Goes Up In Value

Any true collector, especially in antique tube radios or any electronic item, will tell you the item’s condition and rarity is what really sets the antiques true value. Nucow pricing is based on significant amounts of research to provide a price vs. condition great value. Since they are truly top quality plus unique, to date every collectible item sold has provided a value increase, unlike stock market risky investments, these have only improved over time.

When Gift an Heirloom They Remember You For Life

A collectible gift will be saved, displayed, demonstrated along with person giving, always remembered, even by future generations. Why purchase a gift that is going to be thrown away? Our items are true (Forget Me Not). Instead of maybe in the future, all listed items are real collector types, right now.

Real Art Deco

Since the company is based in Florida all Art Deco is in artist renderings from the true source of art deco styles. Every item is restored by Florida USA deco artists and electronic engineers. They are totally renewed & assembled in the USA. True Americana Artwork Not Import Plastic Fake or Reproduction.

Born To Cowdillac

For Release: Dec 30, 2009

Antique Tube Radios Survive Nuclear Attack

Early in 1960s both USA & then USSR found, during upper atmosphere (edge of space) nuclear tests, that on the ground tube radios survive and transistors do not.

In order to shut down the target city communications, along with ability to evacuate or retaliate, it is now probable; the first detonation will come at us from above. Enemy ground troops would face no harmful radiation lasting 10,000 years.

Only thing seen would be a flash of light above city, followed by sudden permanent failure of most electronics in use today. During this total, immediate large city panic, a ground attack likely would then ensue. It will be the death of all the typical poor quality digital items, currently hawked, as new, latest, greatest finger flicking technology sold easily as (new latest for less).

With the 120 VAC outlets (220 VAC Europe), still likely providing power, or a typical gasoline generator backup, nuclear test has shown that tube radios will still work regardless of an EMP and may someday help you, or a future descendants, during an attack, receive the necessary survival information.

Space detonation does not produce physical damage to target but an Electro Magnetic Pulse-EMP, which destroys transistors & integrated circuits. These operate all your current computers, radios, telephones, and television products. Since the ignition also is microcomputer controlled, even your modern automobile will not start. A pencil, during nuclear attack, beats a computer every time & seldom fails.

The extremely large EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) nuclear explosion creates goes straight to the earth while blast force, sun surface blast temperature, plus harmful particle radiation is left in outer space.

The customer research group of antique tube radio websites, discovered not only obvious things about antique tube radios, but also actual unforeseen practical use.

They now are being looked at for other than collectible values of quality, beauty, linearity, longevity, heirloom, and so on but actual nuclear emergency use since obtaining a mechanical governed (Not Transistor Control) gasoline AC generator is the most common type and cheap to purchase, plus the USA and many countries have, tube based and radiation hardened AM band underground emergency transmitters with, non transistor controlled generators, setup for this very reason. AM broadcast band transmitters can be received thousands of miles away during most night hours unlike high frequency FM band. That is why you hear other cities at night on the AM band.

All the USA nuclear missiles have integrated guidance circuits that are radiation hardened (costs 1000 times more) hence (hopefully) not misguided by an EMP blast.All the Russian nuclear missiles have tube guidance circuits that do not require the very expensive radiation hardening.

Tubes have 90 years of perfected tested reliability. These are some of the typical reasons Russians & others, microwave ovens, high powered transmitters, including radars over the world, use tubes not transistors. Past technology survives better in most conditions.

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